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          DD Water Group Co., Ltd. is specialized in water treatment equipment and RO fittings.
          Our main products include all kinds of RO faucets and fittingsEDISDIlarge flow security filterfountain nozzles and sprayers.

          It covers more than 100000 O with 30000O for manufacture. It owns the ability of producingdesigningdeveloping. Including the water treatment, advanced imported automatic punchproduct lines of fusion castingforging and stampingpolishingelectroplatingassemblingtesting. Our production scale is the market leader in purified water faucet field. It is also one of the first companies who research domestic EDI module and whole machine in module separating field.

          We have more than 10 years experience of developingproducing and sales, including RONFultrafiltrationmicropore filtrationdomestic EDI module and equipment. Based on its mature technology and professional team, from 2006 to 2008, Dongda became a member of drafting committee of <Module equipment & model naming><Electronic deionisation module components><EDI purified water equipment>. Dongda is guaranteed by ISO9001U2000 Quality Management System Certificate and ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certificate. Products are sold to EuropeanAmericanMiddle EastKoreaTaiwanRussia, etc.


          Adhering to the purpose of Clients First, Reputation First, we service clients home and abroad by offering high quality products firmly. You are welcome to call us or visit our factory to negotiate about cooperation.
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